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Morefield Gem Mine
Amelia County, Virginia

The Morefield Mine was discovered and mining began in 1929.  During WWII it was mined for strategic minerals.  After the end of 1949, the mine was closed until 1985 when it was reopened as a “find you own gems gem mine” and mined for amazonite.  2015 is the thirtieth year the mine as been operated as a recreational mining operation.  There is plenty of mineral in the mine to last for many years to come.  

The Morefield Mine is an exciting place for the whole family.  Over the many years of operation, the mine has produced many varieties of mineral specimens.  It has produced about 80 different mineral species and new “unknowns” are sometimes found.  Many are small but are of scientific interest as well as being fun to find.  Everyone who comes can find something interesting and or colorful to take hone.  Children being shorter and closer to the ground may have an advantage over parents when it comes to seeing tiny minerals!

Sam Dunaway Quartz Crystal

The Morefield Mine is a highly mineralized pegmatite dike having a length of 2000 feet and a projected depth of about 300 feet.  It was mined historically for mica, tantalite, amazonite, and massive topaz.  Today it is world-famous for the amazonite and when we are mining, more can be found on the ground than anywhere in the U.S.A.   As mining progresses underground, rock is hoisted, stockpiled, and spread on the surface for collecting.  Even the red clay contains much rock and minerals from over many years of mining.  Simply, the more you dig, the more you find!

How to Dress – No flip-flops or open shoes.  Wear clothing you can get dirty in. On a wet day, a change of clothing may be in order, especially for children.

What to Bring – A bucket or zip lock bags for taking rocks and minerals home in.  Each paying person can take a 5 gallon bucket full home for the price of admission. You can bring you own shovel or trowels.  NO hammers, hand picks, large picks or sledge hammers allowed.

Sam & Sharon Dunaway



Sam & Sharon Dunaway moved from Anchorage, Alaska to purchase Morefield Mine in the Summer of 1996. 

At the time of the purchase Sam and Sharon were living in Anchorage, Alaska. Sam grew up in Newport News, Virginia and joined the Gem and Mineral Society there as a young boy. When he was twelve the society took a tour of the Morefield Mine, and he was completely taken with it. He went on to become a mining engineer working in Virginia, Tennessee, California and Alaska. He has mined lead, zinc, gold, molybdenum, borax and coal. He was visiting family in Virginia and found out that the Morefield Mine was available for purchase in 1996 and was open for rock hunting.

Sharon is from Maine and familiar with the fabulous tourmalines from famous pegmatites in this state.  She has been a mineral collector and gold prospector in Alaska over the years.  She has her degree in Business Administration and handles all of our business for the mine.  

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